Tips to Wear With a Turtleneck

unduhan-44Turtleneck sweaters and tops dependably make a passageway in winters. Comprehend and apply the popular strategies of wearing a turtleneck the correct way.

Whether you love or hate it, the turtleneck is a classic staple that can be modernized enough to wear with today’s latest trends. Gone are the days when turtlenecks used to be itchy and scratchy to wear. What we’re looking for is sophistication, along with the classic charm of a turtleneck; this is the new trend you should follow. Turtlenecks can be tricky to wear, if you have absolutely no idea how to style them properly. In hopes of capturing the essence of Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, more often than not, some of us do go down a disastrous lane. But there should be no such occurrences as we have the answer for you right here. And to prove it, we’ve got some amazing looks for both men and women.

Ways to Wear a Turtleneck in Style
Most of us have a childhood memory which involves struggling with our mom, and not wanting to wear a turtleneck to school. But today, there are many

Tips to Spot a Fake Hermés Belt

unduhan-45Hermés belts are a blend of high caliber and superb workmanship. With such a large number of fakes flooding the market, is it conceivable to keep somebody from fleecing you? Yes, by recollecting the straightforward tips given beneath.

Hermés is a French fashion giant, which specializes in leather goods, luxury items, accessories, glassware, and ready-to-wear apparel. The company, which is more than 175 years old, took birth in the humble profession of designing saddles. Over the years, the organization slowly added other products to its kitty, all this while experiencing several ups and downs. Over the years it has shown that it is probably one brand which will not get affected by the rise of newer fashion brands.

Hermés products are endorsed by the best of the best of Hollywood celebrities, like Madonna, Elle MacPherson, Nicole Kidman, Oprah Winfrey, besides several others. Several of its products, like scarves and bags, achieved meteoric fame, beginning from the 1930s. These products have become signature style and status symbols. Some of their accessories are designed, both for men and women. Hermés watches and belts top this list. In fact, the belt is one

Tips to Accessorize Your Silver Dress

images-13When we think silver, we think glitter, shine, sparkle, and other adjectives that have a gleam about them. If you have any apprehensions about bling, then you also dissuade yourself from wearing the color. But throw caution to the wind and take a risk. We tell you how you can style and accessorize a silver dress, without looking like a Christmas tree.

The Wrong Side of Silver
While wearing a bright tone with a cool shade like silver can seem tempting, resist the devil’s voice in your ear. Warm tones tend to clash violently with silver. To be on the safe side, it is always better to opt for a cool tone like blue. If you do want to opt for a red tone, then wear red lipstick with blue undertones for the right amount of color.
From partying the night away in a sequined silver number to wearing a dull silver dress to a bridal shower, dresses in this metallic shade can be made to work for a variety of events where you need to dress up and showcase your best. But there is a cautionary warning. Silver

Where to Buy Zippers and Zipper Pulls

There are people who need zippers and zipper pulls but they do not know where they can buy these items. The number of companies that make zippers and sewing accessories has been on the increase. As such, one needs to make sure that they are aware of some of these companies and the kinds of zippers and other accessories they make. For instance, people who want custom made zippers and blazer button sets can have these sold to them by Zipper Shipper. To buy blazer buttons set, all you have to do is visit the company website and make an order.

Other than ordering custom zippers and zipper pulls from Zipper Shipper, it is also possible to buy these items from the online ecommerce companies such as eBay and Amazon. There are other online sellers of zippers and sewing accessories through which you can order custom zippers. These could also be some of the best bidding websites where one can buy zippers and other accessories at competitive prices.

For the people who love high quality zippers and zipper pulls from Zipper Shipper, they can make orders through the website and make savings at the

Trendy Fashion Tips

Garments for ladies more than 50 ought to be tasteful, refined and to a great degree savvy. Here is a shopping aide, that will help you discover in vogue, yet exquisite augmentations for your closet.

Women, no matter what their age, can dress fashionably and look stylish and chic. Many people have the wrong notion that only a woman in her 20s can dress well, but the truth is that fashion knows no age. A truly fashionable person is one who is confident, wears clothes well, and carries herself with grace. Certain trends like play suits and micro minis that look good on younger women, might not be age-appropriate for a woman in her 50s. One should aim to look stylish and not trashy. A great wardrobe, together with a flattering hairstyle and makeup, can make any mature woman look chic.

Fabulous Style for Women Over 50
Before deciding which designs and styles of clothes are flattering for a woman over 50, a mature woman should know her body’s strengths and weaknesses. A mature woman might face various issues, be it an expanding waistline or jiggly arms and large thighs. The best clothes are those that can conceal

Fashion Photography Tips

There are numerous parts of photography, for example, representation photography, airborne photography, wedding photography, and some different sorts. In any case, the most looked for after territory in the photography field is in the mold world. To get into the design business as a picture taker, you mandatorily need to think of some as principal form photography tips.

Fashion Photography

In our daily lives, we read newspapers and go through many magazines, which have models flaunting their products. But have you ever thought what makes the photos so vibrant and attractive to look at? It is the contribution of fashion photographers who capture the pictures. These photographers are professionals in their field, and have a good knowledge of photography along with a sense of the color, style, lighting, etc. They use all their expertise to come up with such great and adorable pictures of the advertising models.

Becoming a Fashion Photographer

If you want to enter into the fashion world as a photographer, you most importantly need to have the right equipment and have to self-practice a lot to get the basics right. The first step is to invest in a good piece of digital SLR, which is known for

Tips and Advice for Clicking Glamorous Fashion Portfolios

A form portfolio is an unquestionable requirement for those needing to enter the universe of fabulousness. This article talks about some fundamental and valuable tips for making your mold portfolios.

Presentation is the key in the world of fashion. Fashion designers and aspiring models need to have a professional portfolio to have a bright career in the industry. Models who are aspiring to bag assignments in the advertising world or for the runways need to have a versatile portfolio that showcases them in different moments and angles. A good portfolio can embark one on a successful career, and plays a very important role in any aspiring model’s career graph as it is the first step into the world of glamor. Let us take a quick look at some tips for fashion portfolios and how you can look your best in it:

  • When you choose a photographer, ensure that you discuss the whole theme of the portfolio with him/her well in advance. Go through the photographer’s own repertoire to know about his/her style in photography. Some photographers may be particularly good with portrait shots, whereas some may be highly talented in creating surreal images. For this reason,

Tips to Choose a Wallet for Men

Purchasing a wallet is not as simple as it might appear, and the enormous number of assortments to browse just makes the assignment much more harder. We furnishe a few tips that men need to consider before purchasing a wallet.

Did You Know?
Dunhill manufactured the world’s first biometric wallet in 2012. Apart from being made of carbon fiber, it also has a fingerprint scanner and Bluetooth connectivity!
For a man, one of the few things that he carries with him whenever he chooses to step outdoors is his phone, keys, perhaps a watch, and his wallet. Talking about wallets, it is an essential accessory that he purchases after investing a lot of thought. Secondly, very rarely will men prefer buying different wallets to suit the occasion, and would rather go in for one that is good enough for both casual as well as formal events. This Buzzle article discusses some essential tips to help choose a wallet for men.

Type of Wallet

The first thing to consider is the type of wallet you seek. The quintessential American billfold wallet has been around since the 1950s and is still the most popular choice among men.

Ways to Using Brooches for Dresses

Clasps have an awful notoriety for being out-dated and ladylike. On the off chance that you relate pins as something that is worn just by grandmas, then the time has come to reconsider your perspectives. Pins have made a rebound, and are presently a highly pined for form frill.

Brooches have long been neglected as a fashion accessory and were seen as something that is worn only by old ladies. But it is time to get those brooches out of your jewelry box and get them polished and cleaned. This season, brooches have made the ultimate comeback and they are touted as the hottest fashion accessory. With many variety of brooches available, from the ornate vintage ones to the more fun preppy ones, you will be literally spoiled for choice. Brooches can be worn in many different ways, but one of the best way to wear them is by attaching them on dresses. The right brooch can jazz up even the most simplest and drabbest of any outfit. And the best part? They are ideal for camouflaging any outfit that is torn or has a spill on it. You just need to find a brooch that is

Ways to Body Shape

The design world thinks of new patterns each year. Be that as it may, break these patterns and utilize the accompanying design tips to dress according to your body shape, and welcome a fresh out of the box new form of you.

Have you often gone shopping and felt nothing ever fitted your body, or if it did, it did not really flatter you? Well, I am sure it must have happened at some point in your life. Somehow, ‘the beautiful shift dress looked beautiful only on the mannequin’ … these and many such other situations make shopping a stressful activity for many. However, not many of us realize one can have a great time shopping if done wisely. Why buy clothing that do not enhance the personality and follow baseless trends? Rather, opt for fashionable clothing that boosts your confidence and beautifies your appearance. A perfect fit is more important than shopping for designer clothing. The secret of dressing to kill lies in picking the right clothing gear and teaming it with other items that blend well.

Different Body Shapes

Before noting down fashion tips, we need to learn the basic and common body shapes amongst women.

Petite Clothing for Young Women Tips

On the off chance that you are short and have a little body outline, then you have to think about petite dress for young ladies. We will talk about which plans and styles are reasonable for petite ladies.

A petite women can be defined as someone who is shorter than 5 feet 4 inches and has a small body frame and delicate facial structure. It is notoriously difficult to find fashionable clothes for petite women. And even if you do find clothes that will fit you, you need to find designs and styles that will suit you.
As a young petite women, you need designs in clothes that are not only in your size but which are of the latest fashion. Petite clothing are found in big department stores and some specialized boutiques. However, you have to remember that not all styles will look good on you, so you need to find those designs that flatters your small frame. Here we are going to discuss what type of petite clothing will suit a young woman.

Petite Clothing for Petite Women
While shopping for petite clothing, you should always try them out, so that you get to

Ways to Wear Lace Dresses Stylishly

Straightforward, sweet, trashy, devious, preservationist, flirtatious, provocative, unattractive; every one of these descriptive words are ones related at various purposes of time with similar fabric―lace. It can be out and out brain boggling how one fabric can be all these distinctive things. In any case, that is precisely what makes ribbon such a troublesome pattern to wear. Along these lines, how would you guarantee that regardless of what you do dependably turn out right in your little ribbon number. All things considered, for one, you accept our recommendation genuinely.

Lace has come a long way from being the frock worn on birthdays and the fabric used for our grandmothers’ handkerchiefs. It’s been modified and upgraded and it’s time you said hello to lace 2.0 without doing it badly.

Tip #1 – Embrace Color

Traditionally when we think lace, we tend to think of basic, neutral colors like white, ivory, cream, and black. This season say hello to lace and its more colorful varieties. While classic colors can work for most occasions, they also tend to make an outfit predictable. Bright, bold colors make the outfit youthful and different. And that, we believe, is never a bad thing.

Tips to Dress an Apple-shaped Body

Sprucing up an apple-formed body is dependably an assignment that appears to be troublesome. Notwithstanding, here’s some exhortation that could come helpful, whenever you choose to go shopping.

Characteristics of an Apple-Shaped Body
♥ Weight is seen around the stomach and upper thighs
♥ Bust size varies between average to large
♥ Undefined waistline
♥ Average height
♥ Shapely legs
It is difficult to look past the flaws of your body, especially when it is apple-shaped. Women possessing this body type do find it tough to dress themselves up, since any body-hugging or tight-fitting dress can make them seem all the more out of shape. This precise conundrum is what makes shopping for this body type, a frustrating exercise. And we agree, it is not an easy job, but wearing the right clothes and styling them with the right accessories can transform your look very easily. One must remember that every body type can be dressed elegantly, sexily, and neatly with some credible fashion advice. From what we have mentioned above, an apple-shaped body is slightly “top heavy” and has shapely legs, hence the key to dressing up is to wear clothes that draw the attention away

How to Wear Tropical Prints

Agonized over how to cart away one of the greatest patterns in the form world right at this point? Tropical prints are not for everybody, but rather that does not mean you can’t figure out how to wear them. Simply take after these minor tips, and you ought to be ready.

Let the Print be King
While mixed prints is another huge trend right about now, try to avoid using tropical prints with another pattern. Plain separates and accessories are your best bet when showing off your tropical-print-loving, stylish self.
Think Martinis, colossally vivid shades of lipsticks, Hawaiian dancers―the works. What’s the first associated imagery that flashes through your mind? For most of us, it’s that bright, wonderfully kaleidoscopic palette of fabrics featuring palm trees, flamingos, hibiscuses, toucans, etc.; that gorgeous print we mostly associate with tourists―tropical prints. Suddenly, and we aren’t completely sure how (we think it was Gucci but the jury is still out), this pattern has become the next big thing in the fashion industry. Everyone who is anyone has been spotted wearing this trend, but where most in-vogue stuff have more hits than misses, this trend is a bit of an iffy one.

Tips to Accessorize Your Red Dress

Since a red dress is a striking design proclamation in itself, the extras you settle on must be rich and female. To learn diverse approaches to embellish your red dress

No matter what the occasion is, every woman desires to look her best. A red-colored dress is fabulous, breathtaking, feminine, and oh-so fierce. Matching accessories with it requires careful deliberation. But we’re not going to leave you without a few helpful tips. Mentioned below are some occasions where a red dress can be worn, along with the accessories that are just right.

Accessories You Can’t Go Wrong With
No one can get the basics correct at the first go. There are always ‘trial and error’ moments where you develop a sense of what needs to be done while adding accessories to any outfit. But you don’t have to worry about finding the right ones for your red dress. Just take the tips mentioned here and you’ll be good to go.


Even though the combination of black and red is an obvious choice, it does have its own personality. With gorgeous, high-heeled black shoes and a black clutch, all you require is a

How to Mix and Match Outfits

Say farewell to the consistent, regular outcries of ‘I don’t have anything to wear’. This straightforward manual for how you can blend and match will let you know precisely how you can get the most out of a closet that you believe is constrained.

The Uniform Project
In 2009, Sheena Matheiken, a Brooklyn-based design professional, undertook the challenge of wearing the same LBD (7 identical versions of it) for 365 days as an exercise in sustainable fashion. She reinvented the dress with layers and accessories. The project was also a year-long fundraiser.

That’s called mix and match for a cause!
We’ve all been there. Days when our beds are strewn with all the clothes we own, and yet, we stand in utter disgust and irritation at having nothing (absolutely nothing) to wear to work/ the club/ drinks with friends. It is a situation that comes with so much frustration that it often ends in either wearing something absolutely hideous because you just can’t be bothered anymore, or indulging in some major retail therapy because, well, you don’t have anything to wear. Get out of that style rut. There is much more in your wardrobe than you have ever

Ways to Wear With Bright-colored Pants

How about we begin with an admission here. With regards to exploring different avenues regarding hues, I am a wreck, or would it be a good idea for me to make that was? Perhaps I ought to about-face in time a little and account for myself. Several years prior, in the event that you did a brisk inquiry of my closet, the main hues you would have found were dark, blue, and white. Quick forward to my present-day closet, keeping in mind you will at present discover a considerable measure of dark, blue, and white, you will likewise discover stuns of pink, some orange, and somebody call-the-specialist ‘coz-I-might go dazzle neon. The reason―a few shading insane companions, heaps of motivation from a source that desires to stay unknown, and splendid hued pants.

When this kaleidoscopic trend made its appearance on fashion ramps a couple of years ago, I was tempted to dismiss it. After all, who would wear these outrageously-colored bottoms? Boy, was I wrong! These pants are here to stay, and they are all over the place. For today’s fashion-conscious woman (and man), bright-colored pants are the red lipstick equivalent of the clothes world. And if

Wear to a Country Concert Tips

Remain agreeable, yet resemble a fashonista while setting off to a nation show. We’ve given a couple gathering thoughts that’ll work extraordinary for the show.

Getting ready for a country concert has a few obvious choices that you should be aware of. These include jeans, floral dresses, maxi dresses, plaid shirts, and of course, the boots and hats. There’s no strict dress code, but a few essential elements need to be included. Keeping that in mind, we have put together 7 different outfit and accessories that you can wear to a country concert. Let’s take a look.

How to Look Fabulous at a Country Concert

Depending on what time the concert is, choose your outfit appropriately. Also, it’s essential to keep in mind that concerts are crowded, and hence, the venue will become quite hot. So, choose your outfit and accessories carefully. And if you want us to give you suggestions on what to wear to a country concert, take a look at the following images.

Plaid Shirt with Denim Shorts

Plaid, plaid, and more plaid! You can’t go wrong here as this shirt is always a plus at a country concert. If it gets

Break to Get Stylish Results

Remain agreeable, yet resemble a fashonista while setting off to a nation show. We’ve given a couple gathering thoughts that’ll work extraordinary for the show.

While a couple of decades ago, you would have been ostracized for going against fashion conventions, today you will be nothing less than a groundbreaking fashionista if you broke the same.

Sure, sticklers for rules will turn in their graves wondering how is it even possible to play around with these commandments that should have been set in stone. But any fashion diva worth her (or his) salt will tell you that there is so much more you can do with style by just stepping out of those fixed borders. Ergo, presenting our top eight picks of fashion rules that should be completely done away with.

8 Fashion Rules You Should Definitely Break

Nothing in the world of fashion is set in stone … anymore. Some may even say that the more rules you break, possibly the more fashion-forward you are. To join that category of fashion daredevils, here is a cheat sheet of fashion conventions that you can break.

Rule to break: Thou shalt not be clothed in two

Tips to Accessorize a Black and White Dress

Find a radical new universe of embellishing! We have the scoop on how you can change a generally straightforward highly contrasting dress into an impressive gem!

Accessorizing a black and white dress is all about how much fun you’re willing to have. Are you in a rush to leave for work? Or do you have the time to pick and sort through your wardrobe for mismatched accessories? Do you want to ooze style and elegance or do you wanna just try something new? Whatever the mood, we have a styling option for you.

The ‘I’m the One Your Mom Warned You About’ Look

Red. Hot. Red. It is one of the best options when it comes to accessorizing anything black/white or black and white, as you can very well see. We also suggest other bold colors like tangerine, turquoise, sunny yellow, and emerald to kick this look up a notch.

The ‘I’ll Try Anything Once’ Look

If going all out loud with color is something you want to gradually graduate to, fancy up your B&W dress with just bold-colored jewelry. Keep your shoes and bag black. The pops of color will add a bit of fun and

Ways to Wear Your Khaki Pants the Stylish Way

Be it some creased tan jeans or easygoing freight pants, khakis have been ageless. They look extraordinary with long sleeve shirts, tees, denims, and mix well with highest points of various hues.

The fit and color of your khaki are the most important things to be considered before planning a day out in these military-inspired pants.
Having said that, the current trend may call for various pockets to be placed on your pants, but if you’re on the heavier side, or have extra pounds on your waistline or a belly bulge, dump the tight fits. Gone are the days when khakis were those loose, baggy pants. The new khakis are a fashion statement with a straight fit. Tight fits and chinos are in and available in plenty.

These pants can not only make a part of your summer collection but also of the winter one as they are light weight outfits. Khakis come in different colors, brown and beige being the most common ones, but latest trend has them in the hues of tan, green, cream, and gray. True khaki is made from cotton, but these days, it is available in corduroy fabric too. Khakis with 4 pockets